As you may have noticed, is undergoing some major changes. We are working hard to bring our unique catalog of shoes online and are currently in process of building a new online shoe shop to enhance the experience of our Calgary store. Online sales will start near the end of September; currently, we are adding some Chanii B ( products as a preview of great things to come.

The new site will feature shoes and accessories from the Channi B and Fly London lines, as well as Dani’s new Shoe Muse blog. The blog will feature videos of Dani’s shoe-ventures in Europe and bring her clients along for the ride as she decides which shoes to buy and explores exciting new fashion trends. Follow us on Facebook ( or join our mailing list for updates and new developments.

We are looking forward to making the Shoe Muse experience better. If you have any comments or suggestions on the current, pre-store version of the site, please reach out to with your input.